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Non-Conforming Gender Versus Biology at FCPS

Among the many things FCPS is considering and/or developing is a series of videos and that present transgender identities and gender choices to FCPS students as a regular part of childhood development, and their policies and actions support and promote a one-sided version of the scientific and biological realities.

The Policy That Allows FCPS To Withhold Information From Parents About Their Child’s Gender Identity Choices Conflicts With One of Their Own Policies on Family/School Partnership

FCPS is ignoring the facts and refusing to consider the substantial new information that indicates the current policies are out of date, including the fact that most of Europe, which has much more experience than the U.S. on this topic, is moving away from the exact type of approach FCPS continues to insist we use.

With Multiple Policies and Regulations That Protect Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students, Why Is 443 Even Necessary?

When policy 443 went in, there were at least three policies and an FCPS regulation that ensured transgender and gender non-conforming students were protected from an unwelcoming environment. So why was 443 even installed? The history behind 443 and the push to expand an ideology explain not only why it’s in place but also why six of the seven BOE members refuse to discuss changes.

The Recent Court Ruling on Parental Notification Went Against the Parents of Montgomery County, but It Isn’t Because the Policy Is Constitutional.

The finding provides a path to winning a similar case. Last Tuesday, August 15, the 4th Circuit Court in Richmond ruled that the case brought by three Montgomery County parents to force the school system to change their policy that precludes telling parents if their child chooses an alternative gender or determines they are transgender found for the schools. But it did not confirm that the policy is legal under the Constitution.

An Adult Transgender Tennis Coach in PA Wants To Use the Same Locker Rooms and Bathrooms As Female Students. This Is a Problem for FCPS.

The coach is an adult biological male but identifies as a woman. The FCPS policy that allows the sharing of bathrooms, locker rooms/showers, overnight lodging, and changing areas by self-identified gender rather than biological sex is focused solely on students. In other words, there is no policy or plan for how to handle a transgender adult that wants to share these personal spaces with students.

The Current Policy That Precludes Parents From Being Notified of Their Child’s Gender Choices Is a Slap in the Face to All Parents

The FCPS Board of Education has made arguments against parental notification that are based on their desire to ensure a child’s emotional and physical safety. They have stated that a child must have a safe space to be themselves, and notifying parents wouldn’t be in the best interest of that child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They have provided a number of reasons to justify their decision, each of which we’ve disputed.

Is the School’s Aggressive Push of SEL Programs Related to Contributing to the Epidemic of Mental Illness Among America’s Young?

Children do not normally show up at school unsure of whether they are a boy or a girl or suffer from some anxiety or distress that’s related to their being in the wrong body. The instance of true gender confusion is extremely rare. Why is it that the instances of gender confusion in schools has and is increasing so rapidly?

A Notice to Parents Regarding the Potential for Filing Legal Action Against FCPS To Regain Parental Rights

The FCPS board rejected not only these recommended changes but every recommendation we made, leaving the six-year-old out-of-date policy unchanged and intact. The board also refused to meet with us to review the medical and scientific data that supported the rationale for our recommendations and would not provide the justification for their decision.

School Choice: Charter School Academic Results Outperform Traditional Public Schools

Did you know that three of the top charter schools in Maryland are right here in Frederick County? The Frederick Classical Charter School, the Monocacy Valley Montessori Charter School, and the Carroll Creek Montessori Charter School all ranked in the top five according to NICHE research. And according to Stanford University, charter schools are outperforming traditional public schools across the country.

How Many Students Are Forced Into Homelessness Because Their Parents Violated the Law and Pushed Them Out of Their Homes, As Opponents of Parental Notification Claim?

Very few. It happens, but as the Frederick News Post reported in 2022, there were 107 unaccompanied homeless students in Frederick County (.02% of students). No data indicates how many of the 107 resulted from a family that refused to provide a home for a child presented as transgender or gender non-conforming. We asked FCPS if they had that data, and they didn’t respond.

If You Don’t Want To Share Your Positions and the Reasons for Having Them With the Public, Don’t Run for Public Office.

Why won’t the BOE members go on record about their support for interscholastic sports team participation by self-selected gender and not biological gender? We’ve asked several times, but no one will go on record and explain why they believe allowing biological males to compete against girls is fair and in the best interests of all 45,200 students.

Why Is It Important To Notify Parents When a Child Informs the School They Are Transgender or Choose an Alternative Gender?

In the simplest possible explanation, gender confusion is a recognized psychological condition, not a biological reality. The instances of true gene or chromosome gaps and other biological anomalies that result in an instance of someone truly having a biological rationale for their gender confusion or anxiety are extremely rare, and in those instances, people that fall into this category require care that includes understanding the full medical and psychological profile of the individual.

Was Policy 443 Implemented With Full Transparency? The Short Answer Is No.

When policy 443 was implemented six years ago, its purpose was positioned as a policy “to prevent discrimination, stigmatization, harassment, and bullying of students that are transgender or non-binary in schools.” No one should disagree with that goal. But had the BOE gone to the public in a fully transparent and complete manner and asked parents and the community the following, what would the reaction have been?

Why Is It Incorrect and Even Dangerous To Call Assessing FCPS Books for Use in Schools “Book Banning”?

In a discussion in a recent forum, someone asked how we felt about the “book banning” in FCPS. We explained that the process of reviewing book content for age-appropriateness, relevancy, and the educational value relative to the goal of the lessons intended by a course makes sense and is appropriate. We also pointed out that many of the books contained graphic depictions and/or language describing sexual acts and activities that were unnecessary within the context of the lesson.

Scientific Truths Aren’t Malleable or Subjective, So Why Is the Concept of Binary Sex in FCPS Schools Being Rejected?

As the public Health Agencies in England, Finland, Sweden, France, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and others review the merit-based scientific evidence and ramp down and discontinue gender affirmation policies, U.S. school systems continue to push forward, ignoring the science and the evidence and sticking to acceptance and teaching gender as a choice.

If FCPS Maintains Its Current Policy of Allowing Sports Team Participation by Chosen Gender, How Do They Justify Distinguishing Who Competes on What Team?

In Frederick County, by school policy, a student can choose to play on the team that matches their self-identified gender. The school system’s position is that the student is who they say they are, so if a biological male says they are female, the policy allows them to compete on a girl’s interscholastic team.

Transparency in Education April 5th Forum Was a Success, but More Public Education Is Needed

Our forum on Wednesday, April 5th, “Understanding Gender Dysphoria and School Policy Forum,” was well attended. Jim Lehmann hosted the forum and led off with the point that the current policy is six years old, outdated, and does not consider the impacts the current policy has on the roughly 99.5 % of the students who do not identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.

Parents’ Rights are Civil Rights

Notwithstanding the importance of the arts, the number one priority of any school system should be academic proficiency. Everything flows from that goal; problem-solving skills, critical thinking, the values of the merit system, the benefits of hard work, the negative consequences of not meeting deadlines, the importance of following rules, and self-discipline.

Breaking Parent-Child Trust

January Littlejohn, a Florida-licensed mental health counselor whose 13-year-old daughter was socially transitioned in 2020 from girl to boy without her knowledge, has been active in fighting against the school programs that keep information from parents.

Why We Submitted a Proposal To Replace the Existing Policy for Gender Expression and Transgender Students and Why the Existing Policy Must Change

When the existing policy, 443, was introduced some six years ago, it focused on the needs of the gender non-conforming and transgender students and how the system should change to support them, but it didn’t allow for the impacts that change had on all other students and the school system. This is understandable as the topic was new to schools, but we now know how broad that impact is and a lot more about the science, the importance of parental involvement, and the best methods of care.

New Bill Will Remove the Ability of Individual School Districts To Control Their Own Curriculums and Policies

House Bill 119 has been amended and now proposes to require local school district compliance with the Health Education Framework as set out by the State Superintendent or lose 10% of their funding. The ability of the State Superintendent to suspend funding is currently optional and has rarely been used. It has never been used for curricula compliance.

The New Equity Climate Study Approved by FCPS Will Cost an Estimated $70,000 ($100,000 Was Budgeted), and the Company Approved To Lead It Is Heavily Invested in Social Justice and Equity

FCPS has commissioned an Equity Climate Study to provide recommendations for removing institutional barriers that have not served students, staff, and families. The firm approved and hired to conduct the Study, Insight Educators, from Minnesota, will gather information via an equity survey to all students, FCPS staff, and parents/guardians, along with interviews, focus groups, and an analysis of the data to “examine disparities.”

New Policy Proposal Presented to the FCPS Board

On February 8, working with a number of outside groups that provided expert medical, legal, and educational input, we presented a new policy proposal to the BOE. The new policy requires the school to notify parents if their child decides to pursue an alternative gender choice and sets up a framework for the school and the parents to work together to determine the best path for that child.

Educational Freedom – Are You Pro-Choice?

The Maryland State Board of Education, the Maryland Teachers Union, the local Frederick County teachers Union, and most of the current FCPS Board of Education members oppose school choice. Given the declining academic proficiency levels and the increasing emphasis on SEL and DEI programs that are opposed by most parents and occupy more and more classroom time, this seems counter to an effective, classical education system.

The Actions That Result From Policies Like FCPS 443 Are Examples of Giving Children Complete Power To Make Impactful Decisions When They Should Be Learning From Adult/Family Guidance

This week an Ohio school district forced a teacher to resign because she refused to use the preferred gender names and pronouns chosen by her students instead of their given names.The teacher’s refusal was based on her perception that it violated her religious beliefs (it’s unclear what religious beliefs these were).

Parents Need to Know the Truth About the Impacts of Gender Choices and Gender Transition

Under policies and state guidelines now in place schools can exclude parents from any conversations about their child’s decisions regarding gender and/or social and medical gender transitions. We believe this is wrong The more parents know the better they can be prepared to support changes that require they be included. We are providing an eight week educational series designed to make sure parents know the facts.

Parents in Frederick County Have Limited Control Over What Happens to Their Children Relative to Gender Identity and Pronoun Choices While in School.

The Maryland State Department of Education has taken the position that a child’s choice to be gender non-conforming or transgender is a privacy matter and has published guidelines that disclosure of gender choice to other people, including parents, is not required. FCPS has adopted these guidelines as part of policy 443 and its corresponding regulation 400-36.

Important Message for Parents Regarding the 10/12 Board of Education Meeting and Gender Identity

In the Board of Education, Amanda Long, a parent of two children in FCPS, correctly pointed out that a substantial number of books on gender identity already exist within the FCPS elementary schools today, and that teachers and staff are permitted to use these materials to conduct discussions related to gender identity and are in fact having those discussions.

Policy Committee Discusses Gender Identity Notification in Their Meeting of September 28, 2022

The discussion was specific to emergency contacts but reveals something parents need to be aware of. The committee discussion was initiated after notification was received by the BOE that FCPS phoned an authorized emergency contact and used the student’s preferred pronoun during the conversation, which apparently differed from the biologically connected pronoun the student used outside the school.

FCPS’s New Policy Proposal To Address Racism in FCPS Contains a Number of Concerns

FCPS’s proposed policy, designed to combat racism continues to focus heavily on the controversial use of “anti-racism” terminology and concepts, which unquestionably align with the concepts of CRT (see previous articles FCPS Is Integrating Equity and Anti-Racism Principles Despite Its Many Problems and How Is Being an Antiracist Different Than Being Against Racism? for an explanation of how).

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