Another Example of How Legislation Across the Country Continues To Go Against Parents and Reduce the Control They Have Over Their Children

In legislation that echoes the same goal as recent similar legislation in Maryland, California legislators have proposed making any parent that doesn’t affirm their minor child’s transgender choice (or isn’t “gender–affirming”) guilty of child abuse (click here to read the article; CA Bill Would Charge Any Parent Who Doesn’t Affirm Transgenderism with Child Abuse).

In Maryland, we haven’t gone that far…yet. Earlier this year, legislation was proposed that would eliminate a parent’s option not to have their child vaccinated, eroding parents’ rights to raise their child. The legislation was withdrawn but is expected to be resubmitted when the new legislative position begins. Maryland is also proposing withholding funds from school districts at the rate of 10% per month if a district doesn’t specifically comply with state directives to do things like introduce gender expression in Kindergarten (House Bill 119).

Whether it’s the school board, County Commission, or state representation, pay very close attention to who you vote for.