Non-Conforming Gender Versus Biology at FCPS

What parents need to know about FCPS

Among the many things FCPS is considering and/or developing is a series of videos and that present transgender identities and gender choices to FCPS students as a regular part of childhood development, and their policies and actions support and promote a one-sided version of the scientific and biological realities. In addition, besides now having a substantial amount of transgender and gender non-conforming books in all elementary school libraries, FCPS is also continuing its development of the curricula for K-3 that present how to recognize, identify, and demonstrate the various ways people express their gender.

We’ve reported in the past on the curricula and libraries, but parents need to be aware of the content of the videos the Family Life Advisory Committee (FLAC) is proposing. Like any topic FCPS teaches, we believe accuracy, not ideology, is the single most critical component. If something is a theory it should be stated as such. If material does not include all sides of an issue or leaves out critical information, it is inaccurate.

FLAC, whom the BOE has given complete authority over the lessons, materials, and curriculums on the topic of gender, continues to recommend the use of materials that support the FCPS view that falsely present biological sex as being on a spectrum. * We consider it critical that they use materials that present the scientific arguments that biological sex is not “on a spectrum” and is NOT “a social construct.”

Please take the time to view this 5-minute video explanation, Sex is Binary, presented by Prager U and hosted by Colin Wright, a renowned biologist with a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, that explains the science of biology as it relates to sex and gender.

We think the FLAC videos and the FCPS approach are wrong, but even if you disagree with us, it’s hard to make an argument that the FCPS approach isn’t one-sided and incomplete. If FCPS and the BOE insist on teaching that biological sex is a social construct on a spectrum and that all children’s choices should be affirmed with or without the involvement of the families, then they should also teach scientific and biological facts to their students and provide all information.

* Read the June 7 T.I.E. article that links to just one of the proposed FLAC videos. Click here for access