Under policies and state guidelines now in place schools can exclude parents from any conversations about their child’s decisions regarding gender and/or social and medical gender transitions. We believe this is wrong The more parents know the better they can be prepared to support changes that require they be included. We are providing an eight week educational series designed to make sure parents know the facts.

The Maryland State Department of Education has taken the position that a child’s choice to be gender non-conforming or transgender is a privacy matter and has published guidelines that disclosure of gender choice to other people, including parents, is not required. FCPS has adopted these guidelines as part of policy 443 and its corresponding regulation 400-36.

In the Board of Education, Amanda Long, a parent of two children in FCPS, correctly pointed out that a substantial number of books on gender identity already exist within the FCPS elementary schools today, and that teachers and staff are permitted to use these materials to conduct discussions related to gender identity and are in fact having those discussions.

The discussion was specific to emergency contacts but reveals something parents need to be aware of. The committee discussion was initiated after notification was received by the BOE that FCPS phoned an authorized emergency contact and used the student’s preferred pronoun during the conversation, which apparently differed from the biologically connected pronoun the student used outside the school.

FCPS’s proposed policy, designed to combat racism continues to focus heavily on the controversial use of “anti-racism” terminology and concepts, which unquestionably align with the concepts of CRT (see previous articles FCPS Is Integrating Equity and Anti-Racism Principles Despite Its Many Problems and How Is Being an Antiracist Different Than Being Against Racism? for an explanation of how).