BOE Votes To Remove Proposed Funding for Additional Video Resources

May 22, 2022

Among the cuts to next year’s budget, funding that would have helped facilitate the request to video broadcast and archive the BOE Policy, Racial Equity, and Curriculum and Instruction committee meetings was voted down by the BOE on 5/18. Jim Lehmann spoke before the vote on how the expanded video records would provide greater access for parents and the community because most meetings are held on weekdays, would work to improve transparency and trust, allow the community to see and get to know the board and provide a deeper understanding of the deliberative process the BOE goes through with each vote. Jay Mason and David Bass voted against the approximately $140k, with Jay Mason citing a number of concerns including that the money could be better spent on activities directly related to students, and David Bass proposed that transparency could be improved by moving the meetings to the evenings to make it easier for the public to attend and by expanding the details in the written minutes. Brad Young, Karen Yoho, and Sue Johnson voted in favor and Liz Barrett abstained, stating she wanted to look at other alternatives. Four votes were needed for it to pass (BOE member Jay Johnson was absent).

The proposal for providing recorded access to these committees (as was done via you tube during the pandemic) was initially made in February by Jim Lehmann to Brad Young who said funding would have to be found to support the proposal. Brad Young apparently identified the funding that while not specific to the request would have helped remove the most difficult roadblock. A follow up for reconsideration for this proposal is underway.